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Never forget & remember your mission--Casil Red tour in Hunan


On October 24, 2019, Casil organized all Party members, activists and excellent employees to enter the patriotism education base, the cradle of revolution, Changsha and Shaoshan, Hunan Province, who received the traditional education of revolution, felt the magnificent praise written by the life and blood of the older generation of revolutionaries, and reviewed the lofty sentiments and great achievements of the generation of great people.

The first station of red tour is Qingshuitang in Changsha. In the square to the south of Qingshuitang, there is a statue of Chairman Mao. All participants bowed three times to the statue with reverence.


From the winter of 1921 to April of 1923, Chairman Mao and his wife Yang Kaihui lived in a hut in Qingshuitang, established the Hunan Branch of the Communist Party of China, and established the Hunan District Committee of the Communist Party of China on the basis of the Hunan Branch. During the visit, the commentator gave a detailed explanation. Through the introduction of the cultural relics on the site, we were deeply moved by the spirit of the older generation of revolutionaries who worked hard and persevered for the revolutionary ideal.

Later, we came to Orange Island to visit Chairman Mao's youth(Year 1925) art sculpture . "Ask the vast land, who will?" while feeling Chairman Mao's ambitious and prosperous spirit, we also encourage all colleagues of  to forge ahead, devote themselves to our motherland and our company.



On the second day, the temperature Cliff jumping cooling suddenly and began to rain, but our enthusiasm was not affected. On the way to Shaoshan, Ding Li, the branch secretary of Party in Casil, led all the colleagues to study the speech of Chairman Xi in commemoration of the 120th Anniversary Symposium of Chairman Mao's birthday. In the memory of Chairman Mao, we discussed Xi Jinping's new ideas through discussions and exchanges. The thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics has a deeper understanding. After arriving at Chairman Mao's former residence in Shaoshan, all the participants collectively offered a basket of flowers to the bronze statue of Mao and visited the square, Mao's former residence, Mao Zedong Memorial Hall and Liu Shaoqi's former residence with great reverence. During the visit, we listened to the detailed explanation of the commentator, reviewed the great history of the Chinese revolution, and really realized the revolutionary spirit of the old revolutionary generation, which is indomitable, courageous, not afraid of sacrifice, and the grand strategy of strategy. We had more thinking and understanding of the original intention and mission.




"Don't forget yesterday's sufferings and glories, today's mission and worthy, and tomorrow's great dream". Through this visit and study, we have strengthened our beliefs. We will continue to forge ahead, with a more pragmatic attitude and a higher passion, we will devote ourselves to the construction of great reform and development, the development and construction of the company, in order to realize China's development The great rejuvenation of the nation, contribute their own strength!

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