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Casil Successfully developed 1 / 128 duty VATN LCD


VATN LCD is highly favored by customers in Mono LCD due to the high contrast and wide viewing angle characteristics. However, due to the limit of materials and process technology, the duty is generally high to 1 / 64, and the VATN with higher duty has always been a hard nut to crack in the field of Mono LCD.

CASIL now breaks through the technical bottleneck and successfully develops 1 / 128 duty VA display screen (196 * 128) by the latest materials and technology. Compared with the common DFSTN and ASTN LCD with 1/128 duty, this VATN LCD with same duty has a higher contrast and a wider viewing angle (almost full viewing angle, with a blind area of 5 ~ 15° for the anti viewing angle), and can reduce the common color change phenomenon under the extreme viewing angle. Therefore, the VATN LCD can be viewed with relatively excellent display quality in almost vertical top view, bottom view or left and right angles. In addition, the characteristics of high contrast are less affected by the temperature change; it can display a bright picture with high contrast in extremely wide temperature (-30~85 )

 Based on the 1 / 128 duty of VATN, both of LCD and LCM engineering department have initiated the development on the 1 / 160 VATN , and expect to make a greater breakthrough. Let both of us look forward to it!


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